Hey, What’d I Miss? OTE Summary, 3/5 – 3/11

March 11th, 2013 at 2:07 pm
  • February jobs day roundup: listing some main takeaways, and delving deeper into the report to look at labor force participation and weekly earnings.
  • Highlighting an impressive piece of journalism from Mike Fletcher at the WaPo about the differences in life expectancy between older persons of widely different economic means.
  • Looking at who benefits from the climbing US stock market (spoiler: those at the very top).
  • Pointing out that the safety net caught a lot of children in the recent Great Recession.
  • Recapping my Senate testimony on reducing wasteful spending (of a particular sort) by reforming tax expenditures.
  • Featuring a CBO graph on the deficit’s impact on growth in the near vs. long term.
  • Pushing back against the tyranny of the average:  on the misleading use of the historical average of revenues and outlays as shares of GDP.

Music:  an unusual performance of a piano concerto for this week’s Friday Musical Interlude, and a rare Saturday Musical Interlude featuring a catchy rap song with a message I like.

Bonus: a star-struck encounter with the supremely awesome Carole King.


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