Hey, What’d I Miss? OTE Summary, 7/9 – 7/15

July 15th, 2013 at 12:08 pm
  • Pointing to my recent piece on the NYT Economix blog on privileged traders getting market-moving data ahead of everyone else.
  • Considering what makes a common currency uncommon, and considering ways in which the US is looking a bit like the Eurozone.
  • Noting that Senator Warren used CBO numbers and still got dinged by the Washington Post fact checker.
  • Highlighting a deeper dive into sequestration’s impact on Head Start, and laying out the thirteenth edition of Sequester Watch:  those who forget about sequestration are doomed to repeat it…
  • Checking in on the “Taylor rule” and the Federal Reserve.
  • Adding to my CBPP colleague’s post on why the conservative meme that “we waged a war on poverty and lost” is wrong.
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