3 comments in reply to "House budget priorities: tax avoidance and deregulation of financial markets."

  1. Bumpa says:

    Republicans are still pushing this? Even after seeing that it doesn’t work, didn’t work, and will NEVER work?
    They really need to “get a life!”

  2. Carl says:

    This reminds me of Chris Elliott from “Get a Life” ‘s attempt at tax avoidance

  3. Tom in MN says:

    Reducing funding and then complaining an agency does not work is SOP for the GOP. You might call it chutzpah but to them it’s policy.

    Every agency (perhaps aside from DOD, but even then we went into Iraq without proper armored vehicles) is under funded due to what Reagan started. Slow CDC response to Ebola, problems at the VA, again and again everywhere you look.

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