How the R tax plan goes after health care

November 27th, 2017 at 11:02 am

Over at WaPo. Who knows what comes out or stays in if they get to the next stage of reconciling the House and Senate bills. But my sources tell me the mandate-repeal likely to stay in final package. Which makes a really bad plan even worse.

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One comment in reply to "How the R tax plan goes after health care"

  1. Whatever says:

    The only mandate we should have is to pay our taxes. Therefore, while this action doesn’t bode well for the future of the ACA, it emphasizes why the Democratic approach to health care has been off course since Hillary botched it.

    The idea that we force people to buy products from private industry is essentially a fascist idea, and we told you all from the start that this was a horrible approach. You should not as a government legitimize a corrupt health care insurance industry by forcing people to purchase their corrupt product.

    This is not a case of making the perfect the enemy of the good. The entire idea is fundamentally corrupt, and such is the case with so many Democratic initiatives of recent memory. You can either do it right with taxes and government services, or you can expect it to be hated by pretty much everyone.

    The same goes for the Democratic support for the Republican NAFTA agreement. Democrats became convinced by self-interested economists that there was something fundamentally moral and right about cross-border capitalism regardless of the resulting asymmetric power differential created.

    Wrong and wrong. The party either reforms or it continues to be irrelevant.