I Still Think It’s Just “True”…

January 25th, 2012 at 1:18 pm

But good for Politifact for updating its initial take on the President’s presentation of jobs facts in last night’s speech.

Still, for the record, and I’m sorry to belabor this–the facts the President delivered on the jobs record are simply unequivocal numerical facts–they are “true,” not “mostly true.”  To get wound up on calibrations of the truth based on your view of what he was implying in terms of his policies leans too close to opinion, and that’s not at all what we need from fact checkers.

But in a town where few acknowlege a mistake, again I say: good for them.

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6 comments in reply to "I Still Think It’s Just “True”…"

  1. the buckaroo says:

    …seems the perspective from the individual counts significantly. Steve Jobs supported slave labor & serfdom, nothing new…just pure capitalism with no concern for the labor source.

    I had a conversation on the Cal Alumni blog thru linkedIn. I responded to a private reply, asking if he & his wife gave the Free Clinic membership number when shopping at the Co-Op or REI thus helping the less fortunate. He wrote back saying no, that he & the Mrs. considered themselves the less fortunate. I hit back with the fact that he was a white male going to Cal Berkeley…how much more stacked did he want the deck to be in his favor, Harvard?…the temerity of some folks.

  2. Roger Larson says:

    Please comment on the Daniels concept of the economy as “worse”, and if this metaphor/pun works? The economy is like a glass, half-full or not, there is a difference between what is Standard and Pours. OK, to take the pun out of the picture, there is a difference between the glass being filled or drained, and that is what has been turned around in all reality.

  3. Roger Larson says:

    PolitiFacts defense seems to be context. It should be to their credit to consider context, but they have stretched the context of job creation credit to an absurdity, that almost returns to reality in an ironically divisive and justified way. The way the context is parsed to separate private from the government jobs, to fudge some in-completion of credit for jobs is real con**text. The President gives “businesses” credit for creating jobs, and doesn’t even get or take credit for his policies, which not incidentally cut government jobs it seems. Talk about a credit check, let alone fact check, this actually boosts his whole Team concept.
    [and as long as I am commenting can I confirm this concept: http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=332589620104885&id=100000176362685 Not to speak of credit swaps.]

    * so as not to miss the gap *

  4. Arthur Munisteri says:

    Yes, be grateful for small favors, but as it happens their new rationale for their criticism is internally inconsistent. I sent the following comment to Politifact:

  5. Michael says:

    Um, it wasn’t a mistake. Politifact’s just trying to lie more convincingly now.

  6. Arthur Munisteri says:

    Sorry the rest of my comment didn’t get printed; rephrasing it now. This is what Politifact said: “Then he describe [sic] the subsequent job increases. This suggests that he’s taking a degree of credit for the job growth, which runs counter to the reality that no mayor or governor or president deserves all the blame or all the credit for changes in employment.” In other words, because he’s taking SOME credit he’s contradicting the fact that no one should take ALL the credit. A square contradiction on the fundamental point in just one sentence. And they have corrected two typos in that very sentence since I sent my comment in, so they have looked at it since it was first put up.