Jobs day…on Thursday?? Really???

July 1st, 2015 at 6:31 pm

Really. When our revolutionary founders defeated the British, they declared that when people work a short week due to our nation’s birthday, the BLS should release the jobs report a day early. So we’ll get June’s jobs numbers tomorrow instead of Friday.

Here’s the Bloomberg consensus.


Source: Bloomberg

Barring a surprise, I expect a payroll number between 200 and 250K, though I might shave expectations to the downside a bit, based on the type of headwind factors I note here. I’ll be watching for:

–is the strong dollar still holding back factory jobs, or has the $’s recent plateau dampened this effect?
–there was maybe a touch of wage acceleration in the last report…anything there?

First impressions shortly after the release, though these non-Friday reports seriously mess up my circadian rhythms.


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