Jobs day tomorrow!

January 8th, 2015 at 5:29 pm

Seems like it’s been a while, as jobs day comes a bit late this month. With December’s data we get the first look at 2014 full-year, and almost any way you cut it, 2014 will be a relatively strong year for job growth. EG, if we hit the consensus for December payrolls of around 240,000, growth for the year will be 2.9 million, making 2014 the strongest year since 1999. In fact, that result holds if we find we added zero jobs in December, which we won’t. Or, more precisely, if we do, I won’t believe it.

Here’s the Bloomberg consensus:


Source: Bloomberg.

I’m north of the consensus on payrolls: 260K, so tune in tomorrow. First impressions shortly after the 8:30 release.

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