Jobs Day!

September 2nd, 2011 at 9:01 am

At least I hope it’s jobs day and not lack-of-jobs day.  The consensus guesstimate is 50,000-80,000 on payrolls, obviously not a great number, but consistent with the fact that GDP grew less the 1% in the first half of the year.

I’ll be looking for:

–private vs public: are we still adding the former and shedding the latter?

–long-term unemployment: are more of the unemployed stuck there (relevant for UI extension in the jobs plan)?

–employment rate: is it still stuck in mud?

–wage growth: high unemployment can hurt job holders too, by slowing wage growth

I won’t be able to give a flash response at 8:30 when the numbers come out because I’ll be on CNBC talking about them at 8:40.  But will post shortly thereafter.


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One comment in reply to "Jobs Day!"

  1. Gretchen Zimmermann says:

    It doesn’t matter What you say to people who regurgitate Fox new slogans. The next day they are repeating the same old thing again, like they never heard you. Perhaps it is because reasonable explanations are harder to remember. Maybe if we could get our own 24/7 “news” channel on the telescreen, and pound in our own newspeak slogans (“The Job-Killing Bush Tax Cuts”), supported by witty disparaging humor, then maybe the robots would be more tolerable, but they’d still be robots. Better to simply tell your family that you want to keep the gathering pleasant, and that discussion of religion and politics is off the table.