Looks Like House R’s Folded

December 22nd, 2011 at 4:25 pm

As per National Journal

Turns out they were running in the living room when the lamp was knocked over.

Just too much pressure from within their ranks, I guess.  It’s a good thing…UI and payroll should now be extended without a lapse.  For two months…

Meaning we’ll be arguing about payfors again in short order, but at least for now, I’m glad that’s behind us.

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7 comments in reply to "Looks Like House R’s Folded"

  1. davesnyd says:

    Please, can we not make this a rub their noses in it thing? They’re following the right course of action for the economy and the nation.

  2. fausto412 says:

    In 2 months I’ll be saying “again?!”

  3. Tyler says:

    3 Reasons To End FICA When The Dems Regain Full Control of Congress

    1. The Social Security part of FICA is a double tax. Salaried workers pay taxes on their FICA contributions and again pay taxes when they receive benefits.

    2. Eliminating FICA would put more money in the pockets of salaried consumers, stimulating consumer buying. It would also give business more money for investment and payroll.

    3. The current, annual cost of Social Security and Medicare totals about $1 trillion, well within the government’s proven spending range.

  4. KI says:

    With all due respect and all good wishes, I think it’s just fine to make this a rub their noses in it thing. There was plenty of nose-rubbing in the House’s HR3630 alternative to the Senate – aside from the fact that rejection of the Senate’s 89-10 compromise (reached with Boehner very much in the loop) was itself nose-rubbing, nose-thumbing, and just about anything else unpleasant one legislative body could do with their own or others’ noses. The unemployment “reform” provisions in 3630 were a classic of the Republican art of depicting people who have lost jobs in a recession as a pack of welfare queens and street bums, with its “get a GED” and drug-testing provisions. And of course anything about the payfors requiring some give-backs by wealthy Bush tax-cut recipients was totally AWOL. Unemployed people are uneducated druggies, but CEOs who get millions for exiting companies they ran into the ground can go sip martinis by the Olympic-sized pool in the backyard without even having to go an occasional AA meeting. So who is rubbing whose what with this kind of stuff? The House Republicans are only doing what’s right for the country in this case because their usual arrogant overreach didn’t work and they were forced to do the right thing.

  5. Bud Meyers says:

    But what they didn’t tell you…it’s the end of 99 weeks for unemployment benefits.


  6. clarence swinney says:

    1% versus 99%
    Number households—1,400,000—140,800,000
    Avg Income–$1,370,662—$58,506
    Avg Bush Tax Cut–$66,284—$1463

    10% vs 80%
    Net wealth———–70%—15%
    Financial Wealth—70%—7%
    Individual Income—46%—13%

    America Ranking
    OECD Nations
    Least Taxed 3rd
    Least taxed corporations-2nd

    Jesus screaming “What The Hell”