Misty: Tax Avoider

July 8th, 2011 at 9:49 am

Usually, it’s not a good idea to compare something sweet and cute, like the ponies of Assateague Island, with something sour and un-cute, like the idea of allowing multinational corporations to “repatriate” their overseas earnings at a much lower tax rate.

But Elaine Maag makes it work here.

“If you let me repatriate my foriegn earnings, I promise I’ll create some jobs!”

(Note to comments: As a father of daughters, I know Misty was from Chincoteague, not Assateague…just sayin’…)

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3 comments in reply to "Misty: Tax Avoider"

  1. R.A. Student says:

    love the blog, however, the ponies on Assateague Island are cool but not at all cute (up close at least). They are quite disgusting actually. They are unkept (naturally) and flea infested. I wouldn’t touch unless I was paid to.

  2. Lois Beasley says:

    Job creation…new businesses=brand new jobs. Over a life-time I’ve created many businesses, such as, start-up machine shops, a computer company, renovations of old buildings, restaurants, and art galleries. A number of these were successful, especially, my hi-tech machine shop in Portland, Oregon, where we went from 2 employees to 16 in 3 years. At the heart of my start-ups was being able to borrow money against the equity in my home. I’d hate to be doing this now. Stabilize the housing industry and watch the economy mend. Lois B., Myrtle Beach, SC

  3. John says:

    Yeah, she did make it work. Nice find. 8^)