Mitt and the Min Wage

May 9th, 2014 at 9:44 am

Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney came out in support of a national minimum wage this morning.  His rationale seems to be one I’m hearing more of from establishment R circles: there’s a large swath of the electorate that’s a) not doing well at all economically and b) may be more politically up for grabs than you think.  The key is articulating a wage and jobs agenda and—the thinking goes—there’s an opening here because the D’s aren’t offering much in this space either, i.e., other than the minimum wage, so let’s not give them that.

I’d say that’s actually smart politics and good policy.  The problem is that with business interests pulling R’s one way and politics pushing the other way, I’d bet the in today’s deep $-in-politics era, biz wins.

But good for Gov. Romney for calling it like he sees it.

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3 comments in reply to "Mitt and the Min Wage"

  1. Robert Buttons says:

    Minimum wage is being raised in states and cities all over America. There is no need for federal intervention.

  2. Jill SH says:

    Not so, Mr. Buttons.

    Report from the trenches: Bad news update. The NH Senate killed a minimum wage increase in this state, along strict party lines, 13-11.

    Our biggest employer is Walmart. We are the lowest minimum wage in New England.

  3. urban legend says:

    I’ve always wondered when the Democrats would let the Republicans outflank them on the left. We’ll probably see Republican candidates in close districts — where because they are close Tea Party extremism won’t fly, as in the Illinois 10th — protecting their base’s Social Security from Obama and pro-Obama Congressional candidates who would go along with cutting benefits by favoring chained-CPI.

    that’s the kind of thing that will happen to Democrats when they are afraid to be Democrats.