Much needed comic relief, even more needed inspiration, and…corporate tax inversions.

October 14th, 2016 at 8:52 am

This totally cracked me up…pretty brilliant video work, I thought.

Next, this is just a beautiful story, beautifully told, of a business student at Georgetown U breaking through the barrier between himself and a janitor at the university. And it happened right here, in the shadow of our terribly divisive, mean-spirited politics. I read this to my 14-yo at breakfast and she said, “Hmmm…that makes me see the workers at my school differently.” That’s the power of this story.

Finally, from the sublime to the weedy, the Treasury Department finalized their inversion-blocking rule to reduce the value of “earnings stripping.” I explain the deets here, but more importantly, I try to remind everyone of the myriad executive actions and rule changes that are quietly at stake in this election.

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