Musical Interlude: An old fav (from 1788)

February 27th, 2015 at 4:07 pm

OK, I know some consider this Mozart piano sonata as just a simple ditty for kids to work out on (Mozart himself described it as “for beginners”). But I found an old CD of it the other day played by none other than my fav pianist for this sort of thing–Alicia De Larrocha–and upon listening to it I was transported to a far, far better place. And now, you may join me there!

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2 comments in reply to "Musical Interlude: An old fav (from 1788)"

  1. Tiree says:

    Thank you for the memories of my piano-learning childhood.

    When I hear my daughter play piano than I ever did, it gives me chills, and I hope to one day play with her. There’s no greater gift to share with our children than music in my mind.