Musical Interlude: Beautiful music of which I was previously unaware…

March 25th, 2016 at 2:00 pm

I clearly haven’t listened to enough Monteverdi as I was unaware of this absolutely lovely romp “Zefiro torna,” a 3/4 time vocal duet that swings along like a stag running through the forest until it hits a recitativo; then it picks up again through the end.

I would prescribe this as a highly potent antidote to the current political discourse. Shut off the noise and sooth your senses with this madrigal that has somehow eluded my ears for 384 years. My bad!!

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5 comments in reply to "Musical Interlude: Beautiful music of which I was previously unaware…"

  1. Jill SH says:

    More musical adventures! I really enjoy where you lead. Did you see/hear these other pieces from this group?

    Amazing instruments, and countertenors always leave mes tunned.

  2. Tom Cantlon says:

    It is a beautiful and fun piece. It’s hard to imagine a composer concocting the more intricate passages in their mind. On slightly less sophisticated but quite beautiful note I suspect you’d enjoy this Armenian vocalist’s piece.

  3. PeonInChief says:

    Yes, we love your music selections! Thank you.

  4. Mitchell Harwitz says:

    Please do listen to the beautiful (though more leisured) performance by New York Pro Musica and Noah Greenberg. The vocalists are Russell Oberlin (a TRUE countertenor) and Charles Bressler. The LP was titled “The Vocal Music of Claudio Monteverdi.” Oberlin has a remarkable voice and superb technique. Unlike the more famous Alfred Deller, who was a “falsettist”, Oberlin sang in his true voice, using falsetto or head notes only as needed. Because he sang in full voice, you will hear something I have not heard in any other “countertenor”, namely a ringing trumpet-like edge to the voice, a true solo instrument. You’ll find it in Fischer-Dieskau, and historically in the baritone Will Domgraf-Fassbender singing Mozart opera.