Musical Interlude: Good Bye, Horace…

June 20th, 2014 at 2:26 pm

Jazz composer and pianist Horace Silver died earlier this week.  I can’t begin to recount how many of his songs, with their unique brew of swing, blues, funk, and simple beauty, I’ve deeply grooved on over the years.

There’s the Jody Grind, featured on an earlier OTE interlude–speaking of deep groove, check out that bass-line doubled in the piano’s left hand at the start of the tune.

There’s the famous Song for My Father, of course.

Here’s a classic hard bop composition that’s pure Silver, Room 608.

And finally–and I really could go on all day given the depth of his oeuvre–there’s this little known but gorgeous tune from Silver and Voices, Out of the Night.  These chords just kill me.  (Inside stuff: the third chord of the tune is this amazing F#7, flat fifth (i.e., f#, a#, c, e)–at least, I think it is–blows me away every time I hear it.)

We’ll miss you, Horace, but we’ll never stop listening to you.  And we’ll take some solace from the fact that the heavenly jazz band just got another great composer.

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