Musical interlude: Mozart at his best

June 20th, 2018 at 3:58 pm

I just stumbled on this performance of what may be my favorite Mozart concerto. It’s the one for violin and viola, overflowing with amazing melodies, counterpoint, and interplay between the soloists. And this performance is as good as it gets, not just the soloists* but the orchestra, which provides perfect accompaniment–note their dynamics, going from a whisper to a roar, while never stepping on the soloists toes–without, you’ll notice, a conductor. Plus, they’re standing up the whole time (not the cellists, of course, but that’d be too much to ask of them).


*Not taking anything away from the violinist, whose tone/intonation/interpretation sounded perfect to me. But you rarely hear such equally perfect viola playing in this concerto. I suspect Mozart, who played the viola himself, was looking down approvingly from his cloud in musical heaven.

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3 comments in reply to "Musical interlude: Mozart at his best"

  1. Paul M Gottlieb says:

    Joy in performance is what transforms virtuosity into pure art. Whether it’s Clifford Brown playing “Joy Spring,” Doc Watson picking “Black Mountain Rag,” or these talented musician playing one of Mozart’s greatest compositions, The obvious joy they take in their art is what makes the performances unforgettable

  2. Awesome! says:

    Hearing music like that makes me feel like royalty! Long ago it was predominantly royalty that were prviledged enough to experience such awesomeness! Thanks.