Musical Interlude: Outsourced to Contest Winner!

July 8th, 2014 at 9:29 am

Not only did MW win the upside-down “where’s JB” contest, but he then picked a smokin’ cut for our musical edification and uplift.

He writes:

I started looking up female scat singers and listened to some Ella Fitzgerald to compare my friend, Lena Seikaly. Now, Lena is young, but she has a silk to her voice that I haven’t ever heard before. She’s a local talent –UMD classical music grad and a product of Falls Church, Virginia. Have a listen to “After You’ve Gone

Love that bass and voice duet in the intro and damn, the woman scats up a storm–a lot of sax players would like to swing it that hard.
Enjoy, and thanks to MW for picking up the musical slack while I’m on the road.
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2 comments in reply to "Musical Interlude: Outsourced to Contest Winner!"

  1. Bob Lucore says:

    When MW guessed Aspen before I even had a chance to enter, I was disappointed. But now I am thrilled that he did win, because I am so grateful to learn of Lena Seikaly. Terrific local talent deserves to make it big.