Musical Interlude…Outsourced.

August 31st, 2012 at 5:17 pm

[Outsourced to GL, age 22…that’s right…this is part of my ongoing research into:]

What The Kids Are Listening to These Days!

I’m going to shake things up a bit around here with my Friday Musical Interlude guest spot — while Jared typically keeps things in the jazz or classic family [um…I have, on many occassions, gone to the funk place…eg…JB], today we’re going to do some hip-hop/r&b.  Hold on to your hats, OTE-ers, I promise it will be fun.  Or, at least, not totally painful.

This one’s from Frank Ocean, a 24-year-old phenom out of NOLA by way of LA.  His voice is lovely and haunting, his lyrics are extremely clever, and some of his stuff is soft enough to play for your mom (or your boss, as the case may be).

PS. My iTunes play count for this song is currently at 279 — just sayin’.

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2 comments in reply to "Musical Interlude…Outsourced."

  1. jonathan says:

    Try Of Monsters and Men if you haven’t. Much better.

  2. Ehm Bhe says:

    What a great addition to the Musical Interlude Playbook…Outsourced, even!