Musical Interlude: Sonny and Brownie

August 29th, 2014 at 1:17 pm

I avoid superlatives, so trust me when I tell you that Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee are the greatest blues duo ever. I mean, these guys are just pure music, and if their blues don’t thoroughly soothe your soul then get yourself down to the ER posthaste as your soul needs medical attention.

I recently rediscovered their album of spirituals, Just a Closer Walk With Thee. Problem is, I can’t find links to hardly any of the tunes. Now, unlike the current budget deficit (2.9% of GDP this year as per new CBO report), this is a deficit that greatly concerns me. Come on, America–every crap pop song is a click away, and yet I can’t hear Sonny and Brownie’s “What a Beautiful City”?!

This link provides snippets of the tunes from the CD; here’s a live version of one of the songs, though they take it to a secular place. And here are a couple more.

“You can’t hide, ain’t no need of tryin’
You can’t hide cause you don’t know how.
God’s got your number…knows where you live!
Death’s got a warrant for you…”


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