My jobs analysis slightly delayed today

May 5th, 2017 at 7:46 am

Going on CNBC this AM at 8 to discuss jobs report until after the 8:30 release so my analysis will be slightly delayed. Consensus is for about 190K on payrolls, unemp to tick up to 4.6%. My forecast comes in a bit lower than consensus and I’ll be watching for an upward revision to March’s low 98K initial print. Also, wage growth/LFPR/manufacturing/retail–much to discuss! See you on TV.

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  1. Courtenay Barnett says:

    Courtenay Barnett
    May 15, 2017 at 15:00

    My open letter to President Trump would read as follows:-

    ” Dear President Trump,
    Please don’t kill the messenger, Julian Assange.
    Is it not ironic, if not absolutely hypocritical that you praised Wikileaks during the election campaign when the leaked information worked well to your advantage and enhanced your prospects of being elected. So with all this talk of Grand Jury and prosecution of Assange – what happened?
    Well, you have lied so much, been consistently inconsistent in what you say and do that the media now takes you as a laughing stock. Now, compare James Comey and his position on Hillary Clinton, which you lauded. Again, you flip flop all over the place and make yourself all the more mendacious and fundamentally untrustworthy in the eyes of the thinking section of American society and likewise for the rest of the world.
    It is evident that you have no regard for the importance of a socio-economic safety net in American society to protect the most vulnerable. Your Attorney General, now wants to reintroduce the failed policy of a sort of ‘three strikes’ approach to justice and incarceration and this, as you might be able to reason, will again only over-flood US prisons and impose an additional burden on the public purse. There is no sign that you comprehend this or begin to understand the skewed sentencing policies in the US when for the same offence, white offenders are sentenced less severely vis-a-vis all other ethnicities. If your overall plan advances to cut corporate taxation by 50% this will further enrich those least in need and constitute a long term disaster for the US economy as the deficit further widens. I ask rhetorically – can’t you connect the dots and reason logically as to the most probable outcome for your expressed policies?
    I have American relatives and on an individual basis do not bear any ill will to the American people. What troubles me and others who comprehend the implications for the world, of what you are doing, is that to the contrary of ‘making America great again’ – you are rapidly weakening both the stature of America in the world accompanied by, within the short 100 days or so that you have been in office – a significant debasement of the important office of President of the United States America.
    If you understand, with the good intentions that I have penned this letter, then if you can – please in a timely manner change course.