Paul Ryan’s New Budget: Orwell Would Blush

April 1st, 2014 at 4:06 pm

It’s a lot like his old ones, as you’d expect, with a few new wrinkles which I’ll explain in an oped coming out later in Politico.

Just a few points here.  I could, and will and do, go deep in the weeds on this sort of thing.  But here’s pretty much all you need to know: his cuts to Pell grants–college tuition assistance for students from low-income families–comes under the section called “Expanding Opportunity.”

Strengthening the safety net is actually block granting SNAP (food stamps) and Medicaid.  “Ending cronyism” is repealing Dodd-Frank.  Orwell would blush.

Here’s my colleague Edwin Park on the Medicaid cuts, and here’s CBPP President Bob Greenstein’s statement on the budget.  And I’ll link to my oped and other CBPP goodies when they’re out.


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One comment in reply to "Paul Ryan’s New Budget: Orwell Would Blush"

  1. Rima Regas says:

    A fool’s budget on April Fools day…