Politically motivated attacks on the CBO from team Trump?! I’m shocked…

June 5th, 2017 at 12:06 pm

Over at WaPo, but I suspect OTE readers will have thoughts to add on this one. I myself often mix it up with CBO re assumptions/results. Recall a set of pieces on both their minimum wage and overtime rule scores. But I very much value their integrity and their critical role as our non-partisan score keeper.

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2 comments in reply to "Politically motivated attacks on the CBO from team Trump?! I’m shocked…"

  1. Serene says:

    RE your NYT article, I have a suggestion for the economists.

    Trump is going to push a regressive tax agenda, and I expect that we’ll face some government shutdowns over it. I would make it a top priority to include $1 billion in the budget to form a new global, strategic economic forum with the goal of rewriting the rules of our international financial system. You need to pull in academics from the US, China, the EU, Britain, and perhaps Russia.

    My best guess is that you might have 8-10 years in which to work before we have the next major financial crisis. The political agendas are going to be shaky and unlikely to hold unless the entire world system is rewritten. Old ideas like the World Bank and the IMF must be replaced. Multilateral and bilateral trade agreements need to be superseded.

    The basis for most world wide and domestic political turmoil revolve around this. Until they are addressed everything else is going to swing wildly with a slow drift to the right.

    A billion dollars is not much in the national budget, and it would reorient the research of economists to solving the real problems instead of maximizing profits of their sponsors.

    Good luck. If you can get that through then the politics should even out everywhere.

  2. Margaret Lesser says:

    My son Max is just 25 and organizing unions for charter schools in Brooklyn, NY. We need to educate youth on protecting our labor force.