President Obama’s new Executive Order: If you violate labor laws, you shouldn’t get gov’t contracts.

July 31st, 2014 at 11:05 am

Over at PostEverything. It’s a smart policy that should help improve job quality for millions of private sector workers employed under federal contracts. And he doesn’t need Congress to do it!

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3 comments in reply to "President Obama’s new Executive Order: If you violate labor laws, you shouldn’t get gov’t contracts."

  1. Ronald Paul says:

    Both Labor laws – and – Tax laws.

    • Smith says:

      That’s interesting. Trouble is the labor violations contradict actual law and regulation whereas the tax dodge measures invoke legal avoidance and only contradict moral, macro economic, political, and equitable codes of behavior. It’s unclear if Executive Orders are implementable in the area of globalization, outsourcing, and inversion (or perversion as it should be known). It was a highlight of the stimulus package of 2009 (buy American). It needs to be a major campaign issue. However unlike the labor violations, closing loopholes and avoidance schemes would hit major Democratic campaign contributors an order of magnitude harder than enforcing the labor law, the Silicon Valley anti-poaching scandal notwithstanding. Plus you couldn’t say the government won’t do business with banks and defense contractors that don’t commit fraud, there’d be no one left.

      • smith says:

        a superfluous “don’t” in last sentence doesn’t exactly make sense, so much for ending with a flourish, spell checkers don’t check logical errors, semantic typos

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