Presidential Debate, Round #2

October 17th, 2012 at 7:55 am

That big eagle’s climbing on his surfboard, so it must be time for Presidential debate #2.  I’ll be playing some post-debate chin music on CNBC.  See you there.

In the meantime, does anybody else feel this way?: You captain the ship of state for four years through terribly treacherous waters,  move landmark legislation over huge political barriers, bring the economy back from life support, manage tremendously gnarly foreign relations…and after all that, you’re stuck on a stage, trying to figure out how get it all across while your opponent says anything he wants, regardless of his agenda.  And you’re graded by some amorphous group of undecideds who may well decide this thing but apparently are incapable of making up their minds.

I really wouldn’t hold it against him if Obama came out, looked in the camera and said:

“I apologize to the folks who came out here tonight, but I’m not gonna do this.  You know me, you know my record, I’ve said where I hope to take this country if you see fit to give me another four years in office.  But I’ve come to believe the electoral process is not well-served by debating Mr. Romney, who distorts both my own and his record to the point where I fear these debates do more harm than good.  Plus, I’m a much better President than you’d get from my performance up here.

If you will support me, I deeply thank you for your vote and will work as hard as I can to accomplish the goals we’ve set out.  If not, God bless.

Good night, Mitt, Candy, our Hofstra audience…and God bless America.”

For all I know, that would win him more votes than another two rounds of this.

UPDATE: OK, I’m glad he didn’t say all that.  President Obama had a very strong showing, effectively laying out the differences between himself and Gov. Romney, and calling the Gov out much more aggressively on his attempts to shade his conservative agenda as moderate.

Some takeaways:

–Gov Romney tried to disparage the President’s energy policies by citing the price of gas.  My 13 y.o. daughter had to watch the debate for social studies and I’m looking at her notes.  She wrote “President doesn’t set the price of gas–it’s supply and demand [I’d add: in global markets].”   So how come she knows that and Romney doesn’t.

–So this woman from Long Island goes through the trouble of writing down a bunch of tax deductions and credits that mean a lot to her and asks Gov R a simple and highly relevant question: just tell me which ones you’re going to get rid of to pay for your tax cuts.  That’s exactly the kind of question a voter like her needs answered.  But she got nothing.

–On gender discrimination, their exchange was elucidating: Romney talked about his managerial largess; the President talked about corrective policy.

I actually ran into a guy tonight who claimed to be undecided.  I asked him, “what information do you need to make up your mind that you don’t yet have?”

“I dunno,” he responded.  And that’s where we left it.


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8 comments in reply to "Presidential Debate, Round #2"

  1. fausto412 says:

    “I actually ran into a guy tonight who claimed to be undecided. I asked him, “what information do you need to make up your mind that you don’t yet have?”

    “I dunno,” he responded. And that’s where we left it.”

    and that just drives me crazy.

  2. Bumpa says:

    If a person is still undecided at this point, they must be even more out of touch with reality than Romney.

  3. wkj says:

    Mitt’s new campaign song: “Do you believe in magic?”

  4. Christopher C. says:

    I thought SNL did a great job on the Undecided Voters…

  5. John T says:

    We are still waiting for Governor Romney to flesh out some of his policies. How is he going to cut taxes across the board by 20% and balance the budget? It seems that his answer is ”Trust me, I’m a businessman and know how to balance a budget.” Mitt, where’s the beef?

  6. Chris G says:

    People can be undecided because they are genuinely torn between the options available to them but they can also be undecided because they don’t find any of the choices available to the appealing. I believe that’s just as true with lunch menus as presidential candidates. I’m not sympathetic to people who are undecided with respect to Obama-Romney because they’re not satisfied with either.

    To those not satisfied, you had a chance to create better choices on Nov.6. They’re called primary elections. If you didn’t participate then shut the **** up. The choices now are what they are. They’re not going to get any better or worse.

    My sense is that these “undecideds” haven’t made a list of their own priorities, evaluated each candidate with respect to the issues on that list, and found that it’s a 50/50 split. My sense is that they haven’t applied any critical thinking to the decision they’re facing and are just wishing that, any day now, either Obama or Romney will transform into their ideal candidate and the right choice will become obvious to them. I’m almost certain that’s what’s going on. Figuring it is, my guidance to the undecideds is “WAKE THE **** UP!!! Turn off the TV, log off of Facebook, or whatever it you’re doing, and start using your head for more than a hat rack! It’s no mystery what these guys stand for. Do some research, apply whatever critical thinking skills you’ve got, and make your decision!” So, yes, I believe “undecided voter” is a euphemism for “clueless voter”.

    • k.vane says:

      Please note that it is only 50/50 split because Mr. Romney keeps changing his answers according to the “Wind” or the people, events, circumstances that arise. In yesterday’s debate, Mr. Romney’s answers reminded me of Mr. MacCain’s replies back in 2008: “I know how to (get jobs back…or I know how to stop Al-Qaida…etc)”. I am glad Mr. President replied:” These jobs are not coming back”. When I heard the news of Benghazi’s attacks, I told my husband: “This is reprisal because Am. Chris is the one who assisted the rebels…”. I believe the president has to go by what intelligence reports dictate instead of assuming. Still, our president is blamed for both ends anyway. This is dividing our nation instead of working together. My vote is for Mr. President who if elected has a bigger issue to deal with in order to leave a “Legacy”. I will reveal this issue after the election.

      • Chris G says:

        I should note that my rant above was triggered by the “What information do you need to make up your mind that you don’t yet have? I dunno.” exchange reported by Jared. Not knowing is acceptable when one is in the process of asking questions and trying to figure things out. Not knowing because one hasn’t bothered to and has not particular inclination to investigate… ARRGGHH!!!