Re presidential electoral politics: the “primary/general pivot” may be too simplistic.

December 22nd, 2014 at 8:48 am

Over at PostEverything, riffing off of Jeb Bush’s recent announcement to “…actively explore the possibility of running for President” which I think is how you signal your funders to prepare to crack open their vaults.

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One comment in reply to "Re presidential electoral politics: the “primary/general pivot” may be too simplistic."

  1. Chris G says:

    I would be thoroughly amused to watch Jeb run on his record of inflating the FL housing bubble. (Ref Was there anything more to FL’s “growth” during his term as governor than the housing bubble? If he wins the nomination then come the general a half-decent Democrat would beat him a rented mule.

    As for getting a half-decent Democrat on the ticket… That’s a problem.* Clinton is clearly the frontrunner. From my standpoint she’s well short of the half-decent mark. Warren says she’s not running: a) I believe her and b) I don’t think she’s a viable candidate on the national level. (I’m proud to have her as my Senator. We need her leadership in the Senate. I hope she serves a few more terms there.) Jim Webb? I can see him embracing populist economic policies. (He’s not good on climate and environmental issues but on economic and foreign policy I think he’s solid.) Who else they got?

    * See Bill Moyers interviewing John T. MacArthur for a more in-depth discussion – See also Bill Greider, How the Democratic Party Lost Its Soul –