Remember the TPP? JB v. USTR on its progressivity

September 21st, 2015 at 9:48 am

Mike Froman, a fellow traveler and guy I’ve long respected, is the US Trade Rep running the admin’s TPP operation. He wrote a long piece in the journal Democracy singing the TPPs praises from a progressive perspective.

Thankfully, Democracy asked me to respond. While Mike convinced me that there’s some better stuff in there than I thought, he way oversold the potential deal and he left out or inadequately addressed all the important, troublesome parts, including currency, dispute settlements, patent issues (drug pricing), and enforcement.

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One comment in reply to "Remember the TPP? JB v. USTR on its progressivity"

  1. Amateur says:

    I’m sorry, but it will make me too angry to read the entire argument.

    I have only one question for Mr. Froman: How will this grand set of trade treaties make labor conditions in the US better?

    Mr. Froman, in my view, is one of a large set of elites in Washington that like to pretend that their actions in promoting incremental improvements in foreign labor standards written on a piece of paper makes him a good person. It doesn’t. I’m actually quite certain he doesn’t understand the full effects of NAFTA on the US and mexican workers. His flamboyant sales behavior only backs up the point that he’s delusional about the effects of these agreements.

    This is a democracy, and the vast majority of people don’t want this and don’t trust Froman. Is this a democracy or not?