Rep Boehner leaves Congress end of Oct

September 25th, 2015 at 11:05 am

First impressions over at WaPo: I’m less worried about a shutdown; more worried about a debt ceiling fight, budget cap arguments, etc.

Just heard some TV pundit say Rep. Kevin McCarthy would be to Boehner’s left…I’d guess the opposite, which leads me to the above concerns.

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2 comments in reply to "Rep Boehner leaves Congress end of Oct"

  1. Kevin Rica says:

    It’s impossible to predict the dynamics of such a situation, including on the odds of a government shutdown. But, if you ask an expert, you always get an answer. So why not go with Doug Adams and pick 42?

    My guess is that it will happen in December since all the factions will want to defer the issue and form coalitions. But then again, they may not figure out how to cooperate in the next five days.

    Besides, it’s been two years since the last government shutdown and Feds need to clean their garages again!

  2. Larry Signor says:

    Given the current dysfunctional dynamics of the GOP, this may be the best news the Democrats presidential candidate could get. We may be treated to another round of GOP infighting that will make the Dems look like the only sane alternative. Hope springs eternal in a progressives heart. [:-)].