House Republicans More than Double Down; Shutdown Looks Likely

September 28th, 2013 at 2:08 pm

The House of Representatives took up the clean CR bill–the budget patch that keeps the government funded for another month-and-a-half–and quickly blew up the process by larding the bill up with unacceptable provisions.  If their bill passes, which it likely will, it virtually assures the absence of a budget for FY14 which begins on Tues, and thus a partial government shutdown.

I’m not sure how much the fine points matter here, but the degree of the House R’s irresponsibility is striking.  The could have added provisions that blocked the implementation of Obamacare, or that delayed key components, like the individual coverage mandate.  Anyone of those would have generated the same rejection from the D majority in the Senate and the President.  But they in fact proposed to delay the whole bill.  I guess if you’re living in fantasy land you might as live by your wildest dreams.

According to the WaPo: “Their new proposal also includes a measure that would continue to pay U.S. military forces, eliminating one of the most politically sensitive impacts if a shutdown comes.”  Perhaps the Senate will try to pass this separately, but it’s not clear why they should make the shutdown go down any easier for these obstructionists.

Here are two critical CBPP pieces on components of  the House R’s bill: this one’s on the one-year delay in the health care law, and this one’s on the repeal of a tax to help fund the bill.

Their behavior is utterly shameful, with no concern or regard for the damage of their actions.  And this looks to me like a warmup for debt ceiling deadline in a couple of weeks.  If there was any doubt who’s in control over there in the House, it should be dispelled by now.  The patients are running the asylum.

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4 comments in reply to "House Republicans More than Double Down; Shutdown Looks Likely"

  1. JFC says:

    And thank goodness Harry Reid is in charge in the Senate. Could you trust Obama not to cave at the last minute? Reid has real backbone.

  2. Neildsmith says:

    “The patients are running the asylum.”

    I know you intend to indict the tea party caucus in Congress with this epithet, but it is worth thinking this through. The “asylum” is America and the “patients” are the whacko voters who sent the GOP reps to the House and Senate. Perhaps it is time to turn our progressive wrath on the voters (and non-voters) who enable those Senators and Representatives who are making a mess of things.

    I think it is time those voters are confronted with the results of their votes, but few seem to have the stomach for it. What is the point of bailing them out every time? No… let the shutdown happen… let the default wreak havoc. And let the results of the chaos be brought home to the voters and non-voters who created this mess. It is time for Americans to pay their debt to the devil.

    Shut it down… blow it up… then pick up the pieces when the deed is done.

  3. Dausuul says:

    I disagree that the irresponsibility is the striking thing here; we already knew House Republicans were irresponsible. What’s striking is the total abandonment of political strategy. They’re barely even trying to set up talking points to use against the Democrats. They’re leaving themselves wide open to a blizzard of attack ads next year.

    I saw a number of pieces on how Mitch McConnell has absented himself from these negotiations, in the interests of shoring up his right flank against a primary challenge. Is this what Republicans do when McConnell isn’t around to keep them focused? And John Boehner doesn’t seem to be even trying to rein them in any more.

    I don’t know whether to gloat over Republican self-destruction, or be terrified of the damage they may do to the country in the process.