Road Work

April 19th, 2012 at 6:59 am

Back on the road today, presenting this talk in Wilton, CT.  Any Nutmeggers in the house?   See you there.   Otherwise, light posting at best.

PS: Just read this Nicholas Lemann piece on inequality last night…good read, for sure, but there’s something wrong with it…it’s incomplete in some way that I’ll try to figure out and post on later.  I think it’s that he a) doesn’t think about the policy solutions in much depth, leaving the impression that our excessive inequality problem is unsolvable, b) misses the vicious cycle, where inequality “buys” the politics that protects and feeds it, and c) puts too much weight on taxation as a problem and solution–those of us who’ve been writing about this for years recognize that the problem is largely pretax and while more progressive taxation is in the solution set, it’s but one member of that set.

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One comment in reply to "Road Work"

  1. Mitchell Hirsch says:

    One proud Nutmegger here! And a Wiltonian Nutmegger at that! Looking forward to this, Jared — thanks!