Sequester Watch, #12

July 8th, 2013 at 11:46 am

Those who forget sequestration are likely to repeat it.  And as I point out here, European austerians–who clearly are not spending enough time here at OTE–are misguidedly using sequester as an argument for their own cuts.

The ‘sequester’: how three Americans see it working so far
The Christian Science Monitor

Sequestration Endangers Missile Defense Program
July 2, 2013
By Adam Kredo
The Washington Free Beacon

Hunger and the Sequester, By the Numbers
July 2, 2013
By Greg Kaufmann
Moyers & Co

Sequester cutting tens of millions from federal wildfire spending
July 2, 2013
By Alan Fram

Sequester Cuts Long-Term Unemployed Benefits
July 2, 2013
By Jake Grovum

Sequestration cuts continue to take their toll, even on firefighting
July 3, 2013
By Steve Benen
The Maddow Blog

Why Aren’t Most People Complaining about the Sequester?
July 3, 2013
By Rick Cohen
Nonprofit Quarterly

Assateague Island faced with sequestration
July 3, 2013
By Kendis Gibson

Sequestration Concerns Play Out
July 3, 2013
By Niraj Chokshi
Government Executive

Sequestration Forces Cuts to Long-Term Unemployment Benefits for Millions
July 3, 2013
By Danielle Kurtzleben
US News & World Report

A Sequester Fizzle for Military Fireworks This Fourth of July
July 4, 2013
By Alex Rogers

How the Sequester Savages the Long-Term Unemployed
July 4, 2013
By George Zornick
The Nation

Admiral: Brace for similar sequester impact in 2014
July 4, 2013
By Bill Bartell
The Virginian-Pilot

5 Big Casualties of the Federal Sequester
July 4, 2013
By Dan Ritter
Wall St Cheat Sheet

Happy July 4! Sequestration Cancels Celebrations Nationwide
July 4, 2013
By Amanda Terkel
Huffington Post

Sequester has caused much chaos
July 5, 2013
Letters to the Editor
Washington Post

Yes, the Sequester Is Affecting the Job Market
July 5, 2013
By Catherine Rampell
New York Times

Government workers here gradually feeling sting of federal sequestration
July 5, 2013
By Sandra Guy
Chicago Sun-Times

Housing, Homeless Feeling The Sequestration Pinch
July 5, 2013
By Kelly Bartnick
Keloland TV (SD)

Yosemite, Grand Canyon visitors may feel sequester
July 5, 2013
By Dan Gorenstein
Marketplace Radio

Jobless About to Take a Big Hit From the Sequester
July 6, 2013
By Jeff Cox

IMF’s Christine Lagarde says US “sequester” budget cuts inappropriate
July 7

Sequester cuts changing Vt. hospital budgets
July 7, 2013
By Brent Curtis
The Rutland-Herald (VT)

July 7, 2013
By Joe Rothstein
US Politics Today

Parkway feels sting of sequester budget cuts
July 7, 2013
By Karen Chavez
The Citizen-Times (NC)

National Guard takes a sequester hit
July 8, 2013
Tulsa World Editorial Board
The Tulsa World (OK)

We’re finally getting it about sequestration
July 8, 2013
The Day Editorial Board
The Day (CT)

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One comment in reply to "Sequester Watch, #12"

  1. Louise Auerhahn says:

    Impacts on business: The promised new West Coast satellite patent office, a much-desired goal of Silicon Valley tech companies, is now a casualty of the sequester.

    Excerpts from Silicon Valley Business Journal:

    Silicon Valley’s permanent patent office is dead (for now)

    If you were waiting to find out where Silicon Valley’s permanent patent office was going to land — well, don’t hold your breath.

    The General Services Administration has formally cancelled the lease procurement process for the satellite office’s permanent location, at least for now….

    The news comes a month after we reported exclusively that the GSA was considering putting the project on hold because of the impact of broad federal budget cuts, known as the sequester, on the USPTO.