Sequester Watch, #19

August 26th, 2013 at 3:31 pm

This week, as many students head back to school, the sequester’s Head Start cuts mean that 57,000 low-income kids will not.  Wahpeton, ND illustrated Head Start spots that fell victim to the sequester with empty seats and a sign that reads “these 12 chairs represent the 12 children who will not be able to attend Head Start due to budget cuts from Sequestration.”

'Do you see the harm in sequestration?'

Head Start programs aren’t the only area where the sequester’s impact continues to sink in — see stories on scientific research, overburdened justice systems, low-income housing, economic growth and more below.  As policymakers move into a fall season laden with budget battles, they’d do well to remember what’s at stake and consider replacing sequestration with a backloaded deficit-reduction plan balancing cuts with new revenues.

Remember what we say here at OTE — those who forget the sequester are doomed to repeat it.

Maybe the Sequester Wasn’t So Overstated After All
August 19, 2013
By Alec Macgillis
The New Republic

Pentagon Set for Extra Big Sequester Cuts Next Year
August 19, 2013
By Kevin Drumm
Mother Jones

Public Defenders Fall to the Sequester
August 20, 2013
By Paul Cassell and Nancy Gertner
The Wall Street Journal

In Vermont, 2,000 People Will Become Homeless Because Of Sequestration
August 20, 2013
By Scott Keyes

Companies impacted by the sequester
August 20, 2013
By Mark David
News 8 WTNH (NH)

Congressional Inaction, Sequester Pushes County’s Section 8 Residents to the Brink
August 21, 2013
By Tim Reynolds
San Jose Inside

No Farm Bill, sequestration hit rural Minnesota housing
August 21, 2013
By Lee Egerstrom
Twin Cities Daily Planet

Sequester cuts spots for kids in Indiana Head Start program, limiting access and jobs
August 21, 2013
By Eric Weddle
Indy Star

The sequester is about to get even worse
August 21, 2013
By Editorial Board
Independent Florida Alligator

States brace for new round of sequester cuts
August 21, 2013
By Elaine Povich
USA Today

Please Stop Saying the Sequester Is Good for Growth
August 21, 2013
By Matthew Philips
Bloomberg Businessweek

Sequestration Cuts A $4 Million Hole Into Iconic Medical Research Institution
August 21, 2013
By Sam Stein
Huffington Post

Sequester cuts into early childhood education programs
August 22, 2013
By Jennifer Rodrigues
Warwick Beacon (RI),84827?category_id=4&town_id=1&sub_type=stories

Local Organizations Low On Funds Due To Sequester Cuts
August 22, 2013
By Shereen Mohammad

Sequestration Hits Military Senior Ranks
August 22, 2013
By Mark Micheli
The Atlantic

NIH Director On Sequestration: ‘God Help Us If We Get A Worldwide Pandemic’
August 23, 2013
By Sam Stein
Huffington Post

Sequestration’s Latest Victim: The American Justice System
August 23, 2013
By Alec Macgillis
The New Republic

For older Floridians, pain of federal cuts has yet to come
August 23, 2013
By Barbara Peters Smith
Herald Tribune (FL)

Blaming Sequestration, CIA Closes Historical Document Declassification Office
August 23, 2013
By Tim Cushing

Sequestration cuts 1,000 children from Head Start in Minnesota
August 23, 2013
By Cynthia Boyd
Twin Cities Daily Planet

Sequester raises concerns over future of research
August 23, 2013
By Eleanor Black
The Daily Illini

Sequester Series: Hungry Hearts
August 23, 2013
By Alex Kacik
Mission and State

Sequestration Cuts Endanger the Air Force
August 23, 2013
By Mackenzie Eaglen
US News & World Report

Sequestration cuts leave Valley’s vulnerable more vulnerable
August 23, 2013
By Imperial Valley Press Staff
Imperial Valley Press

How sequestration Head Start cuts ripple through a community
August 23, 2013
By Deepa Fernandes
89.3 KPCC (CA)

‘Do you see the harm in sequestration?’
August 23, 2013
Wahpeton, ND Daily News

Sequestration hurts HEAD START
August 23, 2013
By John Darling
The Mail Tribune

Cutting Public Defenders Can Cost Federal Government More
August 24, 2013
By Ted Robbins

EarthTalk: EPA, FEMA hurt by federal sequester
August 25, 2013
By Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss
AZ Daily Sun

Cardin to hold sequester talk at Nuclear Regulatory Commission
August 26, 2013
By Josh Hicks
Washington Post

Sequester cuts deep for Aberdeen Area Head Start
August 26, 2013
By Elisa Sand
Aberdeen News (SD),0,2622220.story

Where sequestration hits home
August 26, 2013
By Steven A. Fischer, Dale P. Gravett, Lawrence E. Hartley, and Joel A. Johnson
Philadelphia Inquirer

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