Sequester Watch, #21

September 9th, 2013 at 2:36 pm

The reports of the problems generated by the mindless budget cuts otherwise known as sequestration keep coming, with a number of stories on DC itself–talk about your self-inflicted wounds.

Also, add elephants to the list of non-humans hurt by the cuts (see below):

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) plays an essential role in combating global wildlife trafficking. Since the federal budget sequestration took effect in March, however, our ability to carry out this mission has been diminished, just as the situation for endangered species around the globe has become increasingly critical.

Budget Battles Keep Agencies Guessing
September 3, 2013
By Annie Lowrey
New York Times

Nevada’s Jobless Feel the Sequester
September 4, 2013
By Annie Lowrey
New York Times

Maryland pays out for federal programs cut in sequester
September 4, 2013
Erin Cox
The Baltimore Sun

Sequester Hitting Scientists Hard
September 4, 2013
By Erin Weeks
The Scientist

Maryland seeks to cushion blow of sequester on programs helping poor, elderly
September 4, 2013
By John Wagner
Washington Post

No City Is Suffering More from Sequestration Than the City That Birthed It
September 4, 2013
By Philip Bump
The Atlantic Wire

D.C. feels economic brunt of sequestration
September 4, 2013
By Dick Uliano
WTOP News (DC)

Sequester Cuts Funds To Headstart Program
September 4, 2013
By Maureen LaForge

Sequestration Stalls Federal Assistance for Low-Income Renters
September 5, 2013
By Tom Blackburn-Rodriguez
Maui Weekly

Sequester Cuts Over 4,000 Kids From Head Start in Texas
September 5, 2013
By Katie Singh
Burnt Orange Report (TX)

Head Start coalition gathers in Charleston against sequester cuts
September 5, 2013
By Travis Brinks
MetroNews (WV)

Another Federal Judge Speaks Out Against Sequester
September 6, 2013
By Andrew Cohen
The Atlantic

Rep. Tonko Tours Schenectady Head Start Program To View Impact Of Sequester
September 6, 2013
By Lucas Willard
WAMC Northeast Public Radio

New School Year Brings Sequestration Pain For Many Districts
September 7, 2013
By Claudio Sanchez

Sequester hits vulnerable children
September 7, 2013
By Stephen Rickerl
Fremont Tribune (NE)

Sequestration is boom time for elephant poachers
September 7, 2013
By Daniel Ashe

Federal judges urge Congress to lift sequestration cuts
September 7, 2013
By Mark Gokavi
Dayton Daily News

Sequester cuts send small-business owners scrambling
September 8, 2013
By Joyce M. Rosenberg
Associated Press

Gray: Sequestration Has Been a Drag on DC’s Growth
September 8, 2013

Sequester Cuts to Cancer Care May Cost Taxpayers More in the End
September 9, 2013
By Stanton R. Mehr

Sequester Strains Science Researchers
September 9, 2013
By Michael Stratford
Inside Higher Ed

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