Sequester Watch, #22

September 18th, 2013 at 12:05 pm

More on Head Start, jobs, the FBI, science research.  And I see no sign of a counterproposal to this mindlessness with any political legs.  At this point, it’s hard to imagine sequestration repealed or replaced in 2014.  Beyond that, we can hope…or, better yet, continue to connect the cuts to the lives of the people hurt by them.

Sequester hits special education like ‘a ton of bricks’
September 10, 2013
By Adrienne Lu
USA Today

Sequester short-changes the future of America’s airports
September 10, 2013
By Deborah McElroy
The Hill

Head Start Struggles Under Sequestration
September 10, 2013
By Gwendolyn Glenn
WYPR Radio

Sequestration Dampens Hopes for Future Small Business Owners
September 10, 2013
By Elena Vasquez, National Council of La Raza
Huffington Post

Federal Sequestration Takes A Toll On Illinois Head Start Programs
September 10, 2013
By Ellyn Fortino
Progress Illinois

Sequester Puts 65-Year-Old Framingham Heart Study In Jeopardy
September 11, 2013
By Bruce Gellerman
WBUR Radio Boston

Sequestration Could Cost 100,000 Federal Jobs Within Year: Goldman Sachs Report
September 11, 2013
By Sam Stein
Huffington Post

GOLDMAN: The Economic Damage From The Sequester Is Becoming More Clear, And It Could Get Worse
September 11, 2013
By Steven Perlberg
Business Insider

Sequestration watch: Oregon’s justice system takes a hit
September 11, 2013
By Niraj Chokshi
Washington Post

F.B.I. Plans to Close Offices for 10 Days to Cut Costs
September 12, 2013
By Michael Schmidt
New York Times

FBI Sequestration Impact ‘Huge,’ New Director James Comey Says
September 12, 2013
By Ryan Reilly
Huffington Post

‘People Are Overwhelmed!’ Sequestration Slams Mental Health for Natives
September 12, 2013
Indian Country Today Media Network

Sequester cuts hit Head Start
September 12, 2013
By Meg Dickinson
The News-Gazette (IL)

The sequester is causing trickle-down harm
September 13, 2013
By Elizabeth G. Hersh
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Sequestration Forces Air Force To Limit Free Flu Shots
September 13, 2013
By Amanda Terkel
Huffington Post

Sequester Cuts May Have Driven NIH Grant Success Rates Down to 14% in 2013
September 13, 2013
By Jocelyn Kaiser
Science Mag

Washington Notebook: Sequester could slow shipbuilding
September 15, 2013
By Kevin Miller
Portland Press-Herald

Military families pinched by furloughs, sequester
September 16, 2013
By Gretel C. Kovach
UT San Diego

Sequester squeezes scientists
September 16, 2013
By Michelle Hackman and Dan Weiner
Yale Daily News

We Can’t Afford To Lose Head Start
September 16, 2013
By Callie Crossley
WGBH News (MA)

MED Grapples with Major Sequestration Cuts
September 16, 2013
By Susan Seligson
BU Today

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