Sequester Watch, #23

September 23rd, 2013 at 11:32 am

Another week, another collection of ways in which the sequester is infliciting damage on key functions.

EG, from one of the HuffPo pieces below, a nice e.g. of how cuts can cost you: “Members of Congress and the Obama administration rely heavily on the work of inspectors general to root out waste, fraud and abuse in the federal bureaucracy. But it’s a monster of their own making that is now tying the hands of these government watchdogs.”

Also from below, remember how we kicked the FAA can down the road runway so travellers wouldn’t be inconvenienced by that nasty sequestery thingie.  Well, it’s back: “FAA officials have told aviation industry officials and lawmakers that a new round of furloughs will be needed to close a budget gap of as much as $700 million in the fiscal year starting Oct. 1.”

I’m sorry to jump on the ultimatum bandwagon—it’s clearly a tactic the Tea Party is using in ways that are antithetical to reason and sane governance.  But if I were in charge, there’d be no restoring the next round of FAA cuts without the same treatment for Head Start and similar measures that are not a big deal to air travelers but mean a great deal to the beneficiaries who are losing them through these mindless cuts.

Security in an age of sequester
September 17, 2012
By Darren Samuelsohn

‘Century of Biology’ in U.S. Is Being Undone by Sequester
September 17, 2013
By Morton Kondracke
Roll Call

Shelton: Sequestration Will Devastate Military Space, Cyber Programs
September 17, 2013
By Yasmin Tadjdeh
National Defense Magazine

U.S. must restore biomedical research funding
September 17, 2013
By Bipasha Mukherjee-Clavin, Carolina Montaño, Neil M. Neumann and Wan R. Yang
The Baltimore Sun,0,6244826.story

Another round of Vanderbilt job cuts under way
September 17, 2013
By Shelley DuBois
The Tennessean

FBI hinting at 10-day shutdown if sequester continues
September 18, 2013
By Josh Hicks
The Washington Post

Sequester may mean more cutbacks at Fort Drum
September 18, 2013
By Joanna Richards
North Country Public Radio (NY)

NIH Director: Next ‘Cure for Cancer’ Lost to Sequester
September 18, 2013
By Marrecca Fiore

Risk of Flight Delays Returns as FAA Weighs Furloughs
September 18, 2013
By Alan Levin
Bloomberg News

Sequester cuts affecting local trials
September 19, 2013
By Sam Sweeney
NBC-2 (FL)

FBI Sequestration Has Shut Down Training At Quantico: James Comey
September 19, 2013
By Ryan J Reilly
Huffington Post

Sequester cuts Head Start classroom in half
September 19, 2013
By Malissa Wright

The Sequester Is a Disaster, and Congress’s Next Move May Be Worse
September 19, 2013
By Norm Ornstein
The Atlantic

With Budget Cuts, U.S. Judge Won’t Sequester Jury in Murder Case
September 19, 2013
By Mosi Secret
The New York Times

Sequestration Is Making It Harder For Government Watchdogs To Do Their Jobs
September 19, 2013
By Amanda Terkel
Huffington Post

Programs That Help Students Get To College Smacked By Sequestration
September 19, 2013
By Bryce Covert

Service Chiefs Detail 2014 Sequestration Effects
September 19, 2013
By Cheryl Pellerin
American Forces Press Service

MIT president: Sequester choking innovation economy
September 19, 2013
By Chris Cassidy
The Boston Herald

Wyoming’s federal court feels sequester squeeze
September 20, 2013
By Kelsey Bray

For Boeing, Sequester Means No C-17 Orders and a Factory Closure
September 21, 2013
By Meghan Foley
Wall St. Cheat Sheet

Fort Bragg, Fayetteville brace for additional sequestration cuts in new fiscal year
September 21, 2013
By Ali Rockett
Fayetteville Observer (NC)

Timpanogos Cave closes early due to sequestration
September 22, 2013
By Michael McFall
Salt Lake Tribune

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