Sequester Watch, #28

October 28th, 2013 at 4:19 pm

The sequester continues to indiscriminately whack away at everything from schools to space missions, so we continue to document the damage.  What’s notable is that the budget talks that are just starting may–and that’s “may,” not “will,”–find a way to offset some of these spending cuts over the next couple of years.

As I wrote last week about such a potential deal:

I…know that by sounding a bit optimistic about a deal like this, I’m seriously lowering expectations. So let me be very clear: all we’re talking about here is bending ourselves into a fiscal pretzel to undo some of the damage the Congress has already done. No one should mistake any of this for actually tackling the real economic challenges we face.

But if the parties can agree to offset a year or two of sequestration with back-loaded savings that protect economically vulnerable beneficiaries, and if they can get to all this while cordoning off the radical right who are probably eager for another shutdown or default threat — well, in today’s benighted Washington, that would actually be an advance.

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