Sequester Watch, #5

May 22nd, 2013 at 11:18 am

Around here at OTE we do not accept sequestration as “the new normal.”  Thus, we continue to track its impacts.

A Look Inside a Head Start Classroom — And How Sequestration is Keeping Kids Out
May 20, 2013
By William Callahan
Reston Patch (VA)

Sequestration Forces Indian Land, Military Base Schools To Make Drastic Cuts
May 20, 2013
By Amanda Terkel
Huffington Post

Anyone regret slashing National Weather Service budget now?
May 21, 2013
By David Sirota

NOAA still planning to furlough storm forecasters
May 21, 2013
By Scott Wong

Oklahoma Tornado Fallout: The Sequester Cut Disaster Assistance and Weather-Warning Funds
May 21, 2013
The Atlantic

Sequester’s 5% Cut Rolls Through Biomedical Labs
May 21, 2013
By Jocelyn Kaiser
Science Insider

Fleet Week canceled as Navy cites sequester
May 21, 2013
By Cheryl Chumpley
The Washington Times

Sequester hits Grand County schools, Rocky Mountain National Park
May 21, 2013
By Reid Tulley
Sky High Daily News (CO)

Memorial Day Travel Could Drop Due to Gas Prices, Sequester Furloughs
May 21, 2013
By Joshua Axelrod and Megan McGrath
NBC 4 News (DC)

Sequestration Weakens Inspectors General, Making It Harder To Detect Waste And Fraud
May 21, 2013
By Amanda Terkel
Huffington Post

Sequestration is imperiling scientific research — and economic growth
May 21, 2013
By James Kakalios
Minn Post

Sequestration affects quality of life on bases
May 21, 2013
By Brian Everstine
Air Force Times

Sequestration hits Kansas: 6,000 military workers will be furloughed
May 21, 2013
Kansas City Business Journal

Military Not Created Equal Under Sequestration
May 21, 2013
By Paul Shinkman
US News & World Report

Meals on Wheels program may see sequester cuts
May 22, 2013
By Sara Feijo
Dedham Transcript (MA)

HUD offices closed nationwide Friday because of sequester
May 22, 2013
By News-Herald Staff
News-Herald (OH)

Sequestration hits Memorial Day events nationwide
May 22, 2013
CBS 21 News (PA)

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