So, you’re giving the SOTU…

January 11th, 2016 at 7:53 pm

Which economic backdrop would you prefer?

This one, from the last jobs report before President Obama’s first SOTU in Jan 2010?

Source: BLS

Source: BLS

Or this one, from the last jobs report before President Obama’s SOTU tomorrow night?

Source: BLS

Source: BLS

That’s of them there rhetorical questions…

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3 comments in reply to "So, you’re giving the SOTU…"

  1. Moses McCall says:

    If I was going the SOTU address, I would prefer to be on the 13′ – 15′ end of the economic chart. Out of curiosity, how much of the state of the economy is influenced by the President? How does the president have influence over the economy?

  2. Jo6pac says:

    0 is the correct answer, he is only the message carrier of the .001% nothing else. The goal is to have a wonderful lieberry built on public land and have those wonderful speaking tours like the all other former potus. Those of us on the fringe well sorry but it’s all about the beltway and who you know or in the lobbyist way of thinking who you control with $$$$$. Sadly us on Main Street?