Some of my fav graphs of the year

December 29th, 2014 at 9:34 am

Over at PostEverything–and  you’re encouraged to add your own!

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3 comments in reply to "Some of my fav graphs of the year"

  1. Chris G says:

    Thanks for this. FWIW, I was just reviewing your “Guideposts on the Road back to Factville, 2013 Edition” the other day.

  2. Tom in MN says:

    Here is mine:

    This is why I won’t be happy about the economy until the Fed does something to get long term rates headed back up. They need to be aiming for an inflation target that keeps long term rates stable and 2% percent is not it — and they are not even hitting that long term. As it is, we are headed for disinflation and being stuck at the ZLB every time the Fed tries to counter a slow down.

    I worry that this will be my favorite graph for years to come.