Take the last train to Factville

September 19th, 2016 at 9:19 am

…and I’ll meet you at the (polling) station (the boomers will get this reference; you youngsters get off my lawn!).

Over at WaPo, I tout a recent spate of CBPP papers that struck me as particularly germane re what we’re not talking about when we’re talking about birthers.

That piece examines what IMHO are a set of facts that have bearing on the current political economy, and argues we need to catch the train referenced above. What it doesn’t offer is any ideas as to how we make that happen, i.e., a theory of change that would re-elevate rational discourse (to be clear, no one’s claiming we’ve ever had purely fact and evidence-based national policy discussion, but we are clearly at a low ebb).

That’s actually much more challenging than the analysis you see in my piece. It likely involves getting so much money out of politics, improved media coverage (calling out lies/distortions in real time), and some institutional change that would balance capital’s long ascendant power relative to labor’s–basically, the Koch’s et al can outspend the unions. It also matters how you present this stuff to people, most of whom have little time or interest in quintiles and non-defense discretionary spending.

All’s I’m saying is, sure, it’s important to think about the facts. But it’s probably even more important to think about how to get in play.

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  1. Chuck Sheketoff says:

    You are part of “this machine” as sung by Roy Zimmeran: https://youtu.be/E-RepvSwOUo