Talkin’ Fiscal Cliff at the NYT

November 16th, 2012 at 9:30 am

I sat down with the NYT to talk fiscal cliff negotiations.  Lots of strategery going on here…

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2 comments in reply to "Talkin’ Fiscal Cliff at the NYT"

  1. fyzzics says:

    Dammit Jared, where are you seeing Republican compromise? What I heard Boehner say was the exact same thing that Romney and Ryan and every other Republican has said all during the campaign: in exchange for closing some loopholes, we should reduce tax rates, and it will be paid for by increased growth. Did he not say exactly this? Doesn’t sound like compromise to me.

    • Jared Bernstein says:

      Not really…Boehner (and now even McConnell!) are now admitting we need new tax revenues as part of the deal…Ry/Rom were all about revenue neutrality. It’s a big difference. However, there will still be a big squabble about how to get those revenues, for sure.