Tax versus fax

October 13th, 2017 at 8:19 am

Of course, we must inject factual analysis into a tax debate that is dominated by fantasies about how tax cuts pay for themselves as their benefits trickle down from zillionaires to the middle class. But the salesforce behind these cuts have not been moved one iota by these facts, and I thus conclude it will take more than that to reveal their scam on the working class. Over at WaPo.

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5 comments in reply to "Tax versus fax"

  1. Wondering says:

    The facts are really easy to understand, and it is hard to believe that there are still people expecting the facts to matter. I’ve been meaning to ask the obvious for a while now: Who are you all talking to?

    Back when Obama was president there was a need to disseminate the facts because Obama had veto power and it was really a game about which side takes blame over a shutdown. We’re way past that point here, and placing blame properly isn’t going to help anything. Your only audience need be the Democratic Senators. You can’t expect the facts to matter to Republicans caught up in this deliberately incomprehensible, schizophrenic agenda, can you?

    You have to focus on creating an honest economic counter agenda. You have to help stop the Ds from forming plans that appear elitist to most people. Assume that NAFTA will be torn up and learn to celebrate a new opportunity to redraw more peaceful and fair agreements. You have to align hard against reentering the TPP also.

    We all know the Ds are in favor of environmental protections, so there’s no need to harp on this in the next election. The more you talk about that and avoid honest discussions about a labor-friendly economic agenda, the digger the ditch gets.

    T is trying to put the ACA on a failing path, and he’ll probably succeed. Obvious we know what the only option going forward is. Embrace it.

    The people don’t trust either of these parties, and for good reason. I don’t expect the Ds to recover until at least 2020 and maybe beyond. There are just too many elitist goals that override concern for labor and undermine true economic fairness.

    Good luck. Your party dug its own grave.

    • Smith says:

      When are you going to realize the Democrats are just as corrupt as Republicans. The only difference is they aren’t racists, unless you call their neglect of 100,000 old white men in the rust belt racist. They also favor environmental controls since their wealthy donors aren’t much in the coal business. Cost them nothing. As long as you don’t raise taxes on the poor coastal elites barely able to scrap by on $200,000 a year, let alone the pauper’s income of a congressman $175,000 a year. Want to know who doesn’t really mind Republican tax cuts? Rich Democrats. Really, grow up. The deepest Reagan cuts were engineered by Tip O’Neil and Bill Bradley, and inequality doubled immediately following.

  2. Smith says:

    “I’m not yet sure what is needed.”
    Really? The federal deficit is half a trillion dollars and you’re having trouble coming up with an argument opposing tax cuts?
    I don’t want to insult this blog, but I really do. Yet it wouldn’t be polite since I’m granted a public forum here I would not have otherwise.
    But let me instead then direct my comments to the American people.
    Are you stupid? You ran short half a trillion dollars last year. Next year’s going to be worse with all the hurricanes. The federal debt is the highest it’s been since WWII, and you want to cut taxes? You should be raising.
    That’s before we increase some defense spending and science research to keep up with the Chinese. Do you really want the Chinese to overtake us in everything and reach Mars first, and have us owe them so much they just can buy our companies run America the same way the run Hong Kong?
    The corporations and rich people already have all the money. They have so much money they can’t spend it fast enough. They spit on you and laugh behind your back. The person who gains from big tax cuts is Trump and his children. When all the money goes to them, there’s nothing left to give you. Wonder why you can’t get a decent raise?
    Everyone’s taxes needs to be raised so everyone has skin in the game. Then you need to cut wasteful spending, starting with the salaries and office budgets of every congressman. Not enticing enough to earn less than $174,000 per year? Believe me, lots of people will take half that amount, and they couldn’t do a worse job.

    • Wondering says:

      “Are you stupid?”

      No, the American people are not stupid. They’ve been lied to so many times and by both parties that it just doesn’t matter what is said anymore. There are a lot of voters that pay absolutely no attention to politics because they know they’re going to vote with their perceived tribe. This doesn’t mean they’re stupid, it just means that they don’t care about the details.

      This question has been asked so many times and the answer implied in so many ways that maybe, just maybe, the leaders should realize that the voters have a different context than they do, and that their arguments are irrelevant to them. Even the Keynesians agree that deficit spending is stimulative, and many point out a near symmetry between the affects of tax cuts and increased government spending (and others know that they aren’t symmetric).

      I don’t think people care about the details of any current policy agendas. They care about the next election and what kind of plan the parties have and whether they’re being honest or not. The answer to the last concern for most people is that neither is being honest. All plans seem to be hashed out in elite circles as ‘compromises’ between the powerful. The people know full well what elite compromise means to them: policy that favors capital over labor.

      • Smith says:

        My argument was simple but you totally ignored it. You can’t cut taxes when you already don’t have enough to pay the bills. If anyone, Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, economist or layman asked the question, raised the point, common sense would win out. You can’t give back what you don’t have.
        There is a budget deficit. A big one. There is no money give back to anyone. Simple.