The return of the musical interlude

December 5th, 2017 at 12:58 pm

Since the On the Economy blog is on hold for the moment, I need to revert back to the old music feature I used to post regularly here.

First, I was just walking down the street and it seemed like every other person had a big hello for me, which put me in mind of this great, old classic from Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong.

But my main feature today is an amazing performance that I strongly suspect you’ve never heard. It’s the classical guitar master (and my old pal) Ben Verdery playing Jimi Hendrix’s Purple Haze (with bits of other Hendrix tunes slipped in; I thought I heard references to Little Wing, Voodoo Child) with, not a stack of Marshall amps, but just a little old guitar. To my ears, he totally captures the energy and innovation of this amazing music I first heard 50 years ago. And can we talk about that ending??

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3 comments in reply to "The return of the musical interlude"

  1. Jill Shaffer Hammond says:

    wow. you did it again. totally broadened my musical horizons. thanks

  2. Tom Cantlon says:

    Coool dude! A nice companion to this would be Hendrix playing some very funky acoustic blues. There is some acoustic Hendrix on youtube but not the one I was looking for. Your friend’s version is wonderfully done but also shows how much adding a whole other dimension (all the electric effects and variations you can get out of an electric guitar) expands the instrument.
    I read once someone describe the difference between Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn as they both had amazing skill, and Vaughn could deliver exceptional performance and combining of mostly standard riffs and styles, but Hendrix was much more innovative. To Vaughn’s credit he also did great vocals; almost percussive, exceptionally tight vocals. Something he doesn’t get noted for. But Hendrix was monstrously more creative.
    Hearing it acoustic kinda gives an added appreciation of it.