UK Conservatives Support Higher Minimum Wage

January 27th, 2014 at 9:34 am

–The Tories support a higher minimum wage: Looks like the politics are lining up for an increase in the UK minimum wage, from 6.31 pounds to 7 pounds next year (that about $10.40 up to $11.60).  For those following UK politics, the conservatives generally continue to embrace and tout austerity measures but have been pulled by Labor into worrying more about the difficulties of low- and middle-income households.  As with various other Labor initiatives, the Tories appear to be trying to take a minimum wage increase off the political table.

Note that the UK has a “Low-Pay Commission,” a government-created advisory board on setting the minimum wage, so both sides will wait to see what the Commission has to say about this proposal.

Could a positive move on the minimum by the UK spill over across the pond?  Don’t count on it.

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2 comments in reply to "UK Conservatives Support Higher Minimum Wage"

  1. Robert Boxer says:

    I recently wrote an article about how an increase in the minimum wage rate increases unemployment. You can read it here:

    • Larry Signor says:

      Nonsense. Your argument may follow logical parameters but is realistically false. The world don’t work that way anymore. We don’t waterboard people or motivate them with hunger and deprivation. Economic fundamentals and politics be dammed. We are a civilized people and we are wealthy enough to care for everyone, despite the logic of abandonment. Many of us continue to believe in the untruths of survival of the fittest. What are you when the electric goes out? In the dark, no change.