Updating the Overtime Rules Could Make You Happier

September 15th, 2014 at 8:49 am

Over at PostEverything. With a none-too-subtle nudge to the administration re setting the new OT threshold high enough to make a real difference.

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4 comments in reply to "Updating the Overtime Rules Could Make You Happier"

  1. smith says:

    This is a welcome start. Please note the double whammy labor takes if exempt (maybe triple).
    a) They don’t get time and a half for overtime
    b) They get zero pay for overtime (nothing nada bukus)
    c) Management is able to keep an army of surplus labor (above average unemployment) which depresses wages, so not only are they getting free labor during overtime, but labor slack lowers base wage (or creates near stagnant wage due to wage rigidities)
    d) The lower costs of labor outlined in c) makes up for the decreased revenue due to 2% to 4% extra unemployed, relieving political pressure for improved economy.

    Next thing to address:
    a) The other changes Bush II made to regulations which increased exempt employees
    b) The special exemption introduced in the 1990s for tech workers, which helps suppress wages (and the dollar figure for them also not indexed to inflation I believe)
    c) The movement of jobs from factory work to office and services, less punch the clock like, which aided the designation (unfairly) to “professional” or “supervisory” work, hence exempt.

    All the work to revise the FLSA is merely a restoration of the New Deal. To win changes, politicians, economists, columnists, and supporters, should emphasize the fact this is a movement to recover gains achieved over 75 years ago. (big change in 1940 set hours at 40 hour week over original version at 42).

  2. Carl says:

    Mr. Bernstein, when do you expect that updated overtime rules to go into effect? Next spring, perhaps?

  3. Robert buttons says:

    This is good. Employees wanting more hours will need a secomd part time job, further goosing the jobs numbers.