Was that a “Trump effect” in the Steelers/Bengals debacle?

January 11th, 2016 at 7:13 pm

This will be a very short post because what I know about football could fit in a thimble with a lot of room left over. But I did happen to catch the end of the Steelers/Bengals wildcard game Saturday night and I found it pretty horrific to watch. Now, what do I know (answer: nothing)? But the announcers said the same thing.

There were illegal, dangerous, concussion-inducing hits. Certain players, especially on Cincinnati, clearly couldn’t control themselves, even at the cost of a playoff game. And apparently, the fan(atic)s set an arrest record, urinated on each other, and cheered injuries.

To what extent does such behavior relate to the rise of candidate Trump, who elevates boorishness, bullying, and disdain as the attributes we need to “make America great again?” I have no idea, though he himself engaged in a bit of whining about the refs throwing flags on hits he thought were legit.

OK, that’s it from the OTE sports page. Tomorrow, we’ll get back to productivity measurement.

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One comment in reply to "Was that a “Trump effect” in the Steelers/Bengals debacle?"

  1. Amateur says:

    It was a spectacle. One player for the Bengals made amazing plays and also cost them the game for poor behavior. Why would a coach allow a guy on the field that acted this way?

    I don’t know the guy, but he looked like he was on Meth or Cocaine or Unconditional Approval.

    It is hard to say which explains this. This was bad behavior by the team and the fans. But it is human behavior. Cincinnati is a victim of corporate globalization. They know they’ve been sacrificed for rich people. Behavior is relative.