What a week…but “Mi Alright”

March 4th, 2016 at 6:07 pm

Damn, what a week.

If, like me, you’re stressed by how un-tethered everything seems to be, listen to #1 and consider #2.

#1) “Mi Alright” has become my go-to song when I need to chill.

Jah, Jah, rise me out of my bed
And mi go a river and go wash my dread
Mi alright, alright

Jah, Jah, sun rise wake me up this morning
And I can hear mama Africa calling
Mi alright, alright
A tell you mi alright

#2) Today on CNBC, I started talking about policy in the presidential election and was met, not at all unreasonably, but claims that no one cares about policy anymore. That’s certainly true for now. But I wondered, what if the fever should break? What if a bunch of people–not just wonks like me (and you)–start getting really sick of the idiocy of much of what passes for debate these days?

I’m already hearing such exhaustion, and not just from fellow travelers but from people who are saying, in so many words: “We live in an $18 trillion economy facing real challenges. And our leaders are bickering like poorly raised children? That was entertaining for awhile, but now it’s just scary and depressing.”

I don’t know what will happen when this fever breaks, but just in case the debate veers toward a substantive policy discussion of the necessity and contents of a reconnection agenda, I’ll be ready.

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3 comments in reply to "What a week…but “Mi Alright”"

  1. Amateur says:

    I don’t see a real policy debate happing during the election season. This is unfortunate because this is the time the real debate should happen. However, the structure of our political system and press has deteriorated over time such that there hasn’t been a realistic public policy debate on economic issues in a long, long time.

    As far as I’m concerned, the real debate would consist of a combination of Sanders’ and Trump’s ideas on trade vs. the establishment figures of Romney/Clinton/Obama. All of these figures have taken on something close to a laissez faire approach to trade. They’re all wrong about trade, all of them. But they refuse to acknowledge that other people might have better ideas than they do. All of them.

    I was shocked how flippant some establishment economists are about new ideas, such as an inverse tariff. They refuse to consider new ideas because they’re locked up in debates of the past, the politics of the past and the economy of the past.

    It is too late for a real debate to effect this election cycle. I think it could happen by the next mid-term election cycle regardless of who wins this. Contrary to everything in the press, I’m not afraid of any outcome of this election. I just hope that it is unconventional in a way that spurs real debate at the midterms.

  2. Jerry Marsh says:

    I live in Kansas, What do you think? I have been ready for years. We have a governor that would not recognize sound fiscal policy if it jumped up smacked him upside of the head. We have a legislature enthrall to that governor. We have an electorate that can only see RED on the ballot. Am I ready for policy? Yeah, I am definitely ready for some sound policy.

  3. Tom_in_MN says:

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbQgaHZOFZ0

    2. It’s never been about policy, it’s always been about race. Trump just says what others only hint at. Not until we get past people willing to vote against their best interests out of hate will policy matter.