Who’d a Thunk It?

October 4th, 2011 at 12:07 am

The China currency bill I wrote about this AM got over the first procedural hurdle in the Senate this afternoon, getting cloture by 79 to 19.  (Cloture limits debate, precludes a filibuster, and ensures a vote later this week.)  My contacts tell my the measure is likely to pass the Senate.

The House and the administration will be tougher lifts, as this article point out.  Still, the bill’s got some mo, and who knows?  It’s a vote for free trade (currency values should be set in international markets, not by countries managing their values) and for American manufacturing exports.  Not quite apple pie, but pretty close.


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3 comments in reply to "Who’d a Thunk It?"

  1. The Raven says:

    I think the bill may make it through Congress. It is infinitely easier to blame the Chinese than fix the problems at home.

    And why the free-trade-ism? Is it because unregulated markets have worked so well in other areas?

  2. Bearpaw says:

    Will it been seen as a political win for President Obama and/or as potentially providing a significant boost of the economy before November 2012? Then it doesn’t have a chance of passing the House. Otherwise, maybe.

  3. Dan Furlano says:

    Its dead.