Yet another swingin’ Friday musical interlude

October 28th, 2016 at 3:42 pm

I got some very positive feedback from the cats and kittens who enjoyed my last foray in the swingin’ world of late bop, so let’s revisit, this time with a live blues from Wes Montgomery. If I don’t listen to Wes every week or so, I get unhappy and grumpy. So here’s the antidote, a great romp wherein the master starts his solo by tuning up a string, then just holds forth for a good, long stretch, moving through his patented octave lines, to a great section of chords where his guitar becomes Basie’s big band. Note especially how carefully drummer Jimmy Cobb is picking up on Wes’ groove, which is, by the way, the deepest of the deep groves.

And I’d be horribly remiss if I did not adequately tip the beret to Wynton Kelly’s solo post Wes as he also swings his a__ off.

An added lagniappe this week is a solo version of Anyone Can Whistle from my old pal Joel Fass, a fixture of the NYC jazz scene and a dude I’ve run with for about 150 years.

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One comment in reply to "Yet another swingin’ Friday musical interlude"

  1. joel fass says:

    Thanks, old-timer! (Shameless plug warning) My entire CD is now out and available for purchase.

    FURTHERMORE, I have escaped the cruelties and barbarities of NYC, and relocated to Hatfield, PA—where I pledge to find gainful employment and continue to annoy old pals like you.

    Seriously, thanks again…