You all know me as a mild mannered guy who never loses his…um…stuff

January 9th, 2015 at 12:50 pm

But sometimes even I get pushed out of my Zen by comments about the economy that should never have been uttered. I especially like the fact that I’m even harsher than Dean here. Does somebody’s pitchfork need sharpening!?!

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2 comments in reply to "You all know me as a mild mannered guy who never loses his…um…stuff"

  1. Jill SH says:

    “…For example, the new Environmental Protection Agency [regulations] on mercury and power plants, which would be tremendously costly to the economy….”
    Over the holidays I was visiting relatives in rural coastal Maine. While taking a walk on a bridge crossing a small tidal river, where a sign was posted advising against eating fish from the river due to mercury, one companion, a young accountant from Peru, asked about the source of the pollution. He was appalled when I explained about the mid-west coal plants.
    If the Rs want to take credit for the apparent new growth in our economy, they should also take credit that it’s taken 5-6 years to get here. It seems to me that what we really have had these past years IS Republican policies of more or less austerity. Apart from the early stimulus in ’09, we had no tax increases on the wealthy, no infrastructure building programs, and lots of sequester. At least the Dem Senate, until now, has kept Ryan-style budget policies with cuts to safety net programs at bay.

    But let me emphasize “apparent”. From my viewpoint (and my twentysomething kids) it only feels like the digging has stopped. The top of the hole still requires a tall ladder to reach.

  2. Jill SH says:

    One more thought about who should take credit for the improving economy (Rs or O+Dems):
    Neither of the above. Instead I offer two other names:
    Bernanke and Yellen.