You Ask, I Answer…Live!

January 31st, 2012 at 9:01 pm

H/T: CBPP’s Martin Scorsese Christopher Wiggins.  CBPP’s VP of Communications, Michelle Bazie, co-stars.

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One comment in reply to "You Ask, I Answer…Live!"

  1. Gary, Austin, TX says:

    Mr Bernstein,
    First, thanks for your service to folks who are interested in a more progressive agenda – creating an economy based on shared, sustainable prosperity.
    Second, in the absence of major campaign finance reform, why aren’t people like Warren Buffet prepared to write checks to progressive super PACs to get folks elected who will enact some major tax reform?
    Wouldn’t you agree that he, and other billionaires are being a little bit insincere when they ask Congress to raise marginal rates, or to increase capital gains taxes?
    I think Dylan Ratigan uses a stat on his shows that indicates 94% of Congressional elections are won by the people that spend the most money, so if we are going to enact some serious reform, why not just build a massive progressive super PAC?
    Thanks for your work on behalf of progressive causes.